I’ve been into nail polish off and on for the majority of my 20’s and 30’s. There were times in my life where I couldn’t have a manicure- mostly due to workplace restraints on wearing certain colors of polish or on nail extensions. I spent a great deal of my time during those years too busy trying to get an education (and later an advanced degree) to really have time to focus on manicures. I’d get one here or there for vacation or as a treat to self or the like, but mostly I kept my nails naked.

I was always intrigued by nail art, and when indie nail polish first started popping up (back then called Frankenpolish because most people were just mixing mass market brands together to make their own polish) I remember scouring the internet and saving pages for later use. Sometimes, I’d even try to recreate what I’d seen online.  Then the indie brands started popping up on the scene. I was fascinated by the concept of making one’s own polish even more. But, this was also during a time when I was pursuing my doctorate; time and money were in short supply. Fast forward to now.

I still work crazy hours, but I can wear all the nail polish I want in all the colors and finishes I want!! And now that I actually have a paycheck, versus living off student loans, I can finally start exploring the indie polish world. Ideally, I’d love to create my own brand. It’d give me another creative outlet and the idea of having my own business intrigues me. But for now, I’m going to use this blog as a review/swatch blog. Maybe one day I’ll actually swatch samples given to me by makers; but for now everything I post I paid for myself.

Of course, polish and manicures isn’t the end all be all of who I am. I work in healthcare. I’m an avid gamer. I love to travel. I love photography. I love cooking. I’m a foodie. I love wine. I’m developing my palette for whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. I love learning languages (but I’m only fluent in one- and I seem to struggle with that one as it is!). I write. I love to dance. I’m a runner. I garden.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But enough about me. I’m already working on my first few posts- I took the photos of the manicures while I was deciding on what I’d call my blog- so they should be up within the next couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by!