Powder Perfect- Mad as a March Hare

Today I’m bringing you a swatch I did back in early March. Snow was still on the ground- of course, I’m located in New England so that really doesn’t say much- but St. Patty’s was looming closer and I wanted a nice springy green to put on my nails. Also doesn’t hurt that this polish was part of the March For the Love of Polish box.

When I saw the first swatches of it online, I was drawn to it. We all have those colors that do that to us. For some it’s pink, or for others it’s red. Maybe a good blue does the trick. For me? It’s green. Green and purple. Pretty much my mind already wants all the polish anyway, it just helps if it’s also green. 😀

Anyway, once the box came in, I was again drawn to this color. I will say that this color was NOT the color that caused me to order the box- that was an Illyrian polish that got sent to me in a destash by accident (Sakura if you’re curious) and that polish was just so ‘oh wow’ when I opened it that I will admit I was REALLY tempted to quick do a manicure in it. But, it wasn’t mine and that’s not right. So I quickly packaged it back up and swapped it with the person who’d gotten my polish instead. But, I couldn’t get that color out of my head, so I ended up ordering the box. Yes, for one color.

I digress. Getting back to the arrival of the FTLOP box. When it came, I knew already that I’d like Sakura. See story above. I was drawn to Mad as a March Hare because it was pretty, but ya’ll? It was one of those colors that’s even prettier in person than it ever will be on your screen.

I will admit, this is not a color you wear if you don’t want people stopping you and grabbing your hands and wanting to know about the color on your tips. I work in healthcare, and the 4-5 days I had it on? Not an hour went by that some patient wasn’t grabbing my hand and ooh-ing over this color. I even had a gent or two compliment me. So beware- this is an attention getter.

It was a fairly easy application. It goes on fairly sheer, so I used three thin coats. Also, it was probably my chemistry, but this does not play well with the Julep smoothing base coat OR Seche quick dry top coat. If you are prone to shrinkage with Seche? Beware that by the next day you’ll have tip wear like your manicure is already a week old. I ended up having to touch up twice during the time I had it on, finally switching to Poshe’ as a topper and getting some shrinkage, but not as much. Again, with my chemistry I am prone to shrinkage (also doesn’t help that I have to wash my hands like a bajillion times a day) but I wanted to mention the trouble I had so that if you have either or both of these and use this polish you’ll be prepared.

And yes, I cap my free edge with base, color, AND top coat. So no, it wasn’t because I didn’t cap that I had such bad shrinkage. It just was what it was. Would that keep me from buying this color or wearing it again? Absolutely not.

Last thoughts and then I’ll get to the eye porn. First, this is a holo where the color appears to be interspersed with white. It is not as obvious in pictures as it is in person. This is not a bad thing, it’s just a different kind of holo. Second, it’s a scattered holo. Mostly green and gold flash. The color itself I would describe as a light lime green with gold and darker green holo flash. Last, this is a smooth drying texture.

These photos are before I put together a light box, and are using my iPhone instead of my big Nikon DSLR. And they’re 730ish AM ‘sunrise’ soft sunlight photos. All indoor.





This next one is a little blurry to try to catch the gold flash, apologies. It was indoor later that night. So no sunlight, just regular CFL lighting: