Polished for Days- Alcmene

Alcmene is part of the Polished for Days (abbreviated hereafter as P4D) “To the Moon and Back” collection, released in April 2017. It contains 6 polishes, each named in a different language and having something to do with the moon. In this case, Alcmene is Latin for “Might of the Moon”. Or at least that’s what the P4D website says.

P4D describes Alcmene as “a medium grey base with holo flakes and a strong orange/violet shimmer” and it’s suggested opaque in just two coats. Keep reading to see if I found that to be true in my application or not. On the website, it is categorized as a holo/flakey shimmer. Lastly, as of today’s writing, the polish was available for $10 plus shipping direct from P4D. Obviously, this may change in the future. Easiest way to check is just to go to the website and see what’s current.

First, some eye porn in the form of a bottle shot:



I would describe Alcmene as a medium to dark, blue leaning grey, with a pinkish shimmer undertone and multi-sized silver flakies. Application was smooth, and I would say it is easy to use for a beginner. I did have some trouble towards the end of my second hand- mostly polish drying out too fast on the brush. But, that happens to me all the time anyway. I just recap and give a really good shake and problem solved.

Did I think it was opaque in two coats?


It would have been opaque in one! That’s right, depending on your application method and your tolerance for VNL, you might be able to get away with one coat. I’d say it qualifies as a one coat wonder. I had no VNL with one coat, but I like to do at least 2 coats for longevity and to even things up a bit better. But totally, had I not been planning to swatch/blog about it? I’d have stopped at one.

Without further ado: